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How to choose the best tablet?

Choosing of a tablet depends on your scope. Buying a tablet can meet different needs.It can be used for communication in social networks (FB, Twitter), e-mails and reading news. Gamers use tablets for passing new levels in their favourite games. And white-collar workers use tablets for getting necessary information and working with documents outside the office.


So, people have different requirements and prefer different specifications. You can choose different models in our store: from the cheapest to the most expensive. Price starts from $ 80-100.

Except of usual tablets you can choose tablets transformers with a removable keyboard. In fact, this tablet is also a laptop - 2 in 1. The most popular tablet transformer in our store is Asus Transformer Pad TF103C with dock station.



How to choose the best tablet?

Screen is the most important and expensive part of tablet. Small models have 7,9-9,7 inches screens. These models are the best for travelling (little weight), reading news and e-books. But sometimes it's difficult to choose the necessary icon by a finger.

Bigger tablets have 10-12 inches screens (like netbooks). Such devices are the best for watching videos, playing games and working in Microsoft Office. Tablet transformer with dock-station has 8-15 inches. It needs special cover for comfortable use. 7-8 inches tablets usually have 1024 × 600 or 1280 × 800 resolution. The larger the screen resolution, the clearer details. 10-inches and more tablet has minimum resolution of 1280 × 800, normal - 1920 × 1080 (FullHD), perfect - 2560 × 1600. Apple tablet has 2739 × 2048 resolution. It's screen size is also large - 12,9 inches.


3 varieties of display matrix 

1. IPS is considered almost perfect matrix. It provides realistic color reproduction. IPS has good contrast (black color is always black, not dark gray), wide viewing angle, but the slow response time, and this parameter is important for the games. IPS matrix is more expensive than TN.

2. TN matrix (TFT) has a minimum response time, but poor color reproduction and smaller viewing angle (image is distorted when you look at screen from side). Glares appear in bright light and it's difficult to read text or watch a video. But TN is much cheaper than IPS.

3. Amoled Matrix doesn't have such defects that TFT has. It has a wider viewing angle and the image is visible even in bright sunlight. But Amoled matrix consumes a lot of energy.


2 types of touch screen

There are resistive and capacitive touch screens. Resistive consists of several layers, so it is called "sandwich". It is cheaper than capacitive and has a high strength. But sometimes resistive touch screen does not recognize fingertip touch (it is better to have a long nail or use a stylus).

Nowadays manufacturers use capacitive touch screen more and more often. It consists of a flat thick glass. It is used even for cheap models such as Lenovo IdeaTab A2107.

Capasitive touch screen provides brighter and clearer images. It has a higher sensitivity because recognizes not only strength but also ange of pressure.



5 best manufacturers of modern processors

Modern processors transform tablets in a reliable and high-performance laptops. There are 

most popular processors of 2015-2016:

1. Atom Z3745 and N270 from Intel operate at high speed and has an excellent energy efficiency.

2. Tegra 3 from Nvidia is one of the best multitask processor, it is running smoothly and is suitable for console games. It consumes a minimum of energy.

3. Apple A9X has high performance and is suitable for the new games because of the exellent GPU.

4. Cortex A9 from the Canadian corporation ARM provides a high performance with a minimal energy consumption.

5. Qualcomm is an advanced version of the Cortex A8. It is one of the best for watching FullHD video and using intensive apps.

In modern tablets are usually used 2- or 4-core processors. Tablet with 2-core processor is the best for Internet surfing and working with Microsoft office. If you are a gamer, you need a tablet with 4-core processor. The normal clock speed is 1.2-1.5 GHz. It allows 

to work smoothly and without lags.



Hard disk space and RAM

Sufficient RAM size is 1-2 GB. If it is 512 MB, tablet is like a usual e-book. The more RAM, the more apps can operate at the same time. Tablet with a small RAM often freezes.

Normal hard disk space is 8-16 Gb. The most expensive tablets have 32-64 Gb of hard disk space.

When purchasing a tablet you should find out if it has a microSD memory expansion slot. For example, Apple tablets don't have it. Flash memory is used for video, photo and other information and it cannot be used for games and apps.


 OS for manager, student, gamer and businessman

1. Windows 8 or 10. It's the best one for businessmen and white-collar worker, who often work in the office programs. You will have the same apps as on the desktop or laptop. This OS consume less energy.

2. Android. It's a perfect OS for a student who likes games, communication in social networks, watching videos and reading books. You can find different tablets with Android - cheap and expensive. There are differnt manufacturers that use Android: Asus, Lenovo, Acer, Bravis (all popular brands you can find in our store. You can download a lot of free apps and games on Android.


3. Mac iOS. This OS is created for fans of luxury fashion iPad from Aplle. It is updated frequently, but most apps are paid. Many gamers choose only iPad.

The tablet's front camera has 0.3-1.2 MP. That's enough for video calling on Skype, but not enough for quality selfie. If you like Selfie, you should choose HP Envy 8 Note. This small model has 2 MP front camera.


Megapixels of rear and front cameras

Rear camera must be not less than 5 MP. Apple tablets have 8 MP rear cameras + autofocus. It gives you possibility to shoot quickly and accurately. You will not be able to print high-quality images if your tablet's camera has a minimum quantity of pixels. Cheap tablets have 2-MP cameras. It's enough for sharing photos in social networks.


When do you need 3G module?

It is necessary only if you have Internet 3G. This is important when you can not connect to Wi-Fi. For example, on the way to work or while walking in the park.


Which brand to choose?

The world's best-selling tablet is Apple iPad Air 2. Its thickness is only 6.1 mm and weight - 15 oz with 9.7 inches. PPI is 264 dpi. It is the best tablet of 2015. It costs from $ 600, but it's worth it.

Top 10 tablets are also Samsung, Sony, Aser, HP, Lenovo, Dell and LG. Your choice depends on money that you are ready to pay for tabet, its functionality and personal preferences. If you want to make a right choice, you shoud learn all necessary information about your favorite tablets. Enjoy your shopping!